I feel like one of those nervous forum members, popping up for the second time to contribute to the discussion; but having to warn everyone that their still new so if they say something wrong don’t hurt them. Anyway, after getting that first post out of the way, you’d think it would be easier to bust out another post; but that’s where you’re wrong! I’ve spent the last few days trying to get to grips with the ins and outs of blogging, from setting up this little page to look like something relatively respectable, to finding the right picture that captures how uniquely artistic I am (as you can see, I still don’t have a profile picture… take from that what you will.) I realize that in my last post, I didn’t really specify what I wanted to use this space for; all I did was humorously point out several things about myself and made a poor joke about candles.

Basically, I’ve always known that I was a creative person but have never found myself traveling in that direction. Both of my parents work in ‘white collar’ industries, thus I have felt a natural persuasion to follow in their footsteps. In my last post, I probably lashed out a little (not unlike me at all) calling this placement ‘dead-end’; it’s not, the people are lovely and the company is great – but it’s just not for me in the slightest. I’ve always taken art through school, college and partly through university; but for some reason I decided to ditch it recently? I’d like this to be something I can channel my creativity into; as I said I like fashion so expect to see some poorly shot photos of ASOS Outlet clothing and maybe a couple of reviews (I know my opinion is completely worthless, but whatever) I also love to travel, so I’m going to use this as a platform to post photos, remember the vacations and just keep everything together so I can look back and reflect. Obviously, I’ll also be using it as a place to rant and rave, but that goes without saying…

Right, I think I need to leave this here now because the number of times I’ve had to minimize this screen / dodge my manager is unreal and my nerves just can’t take it anymore…


(P.S. A director just snuck up on me as I was about to post this…)




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