Processed with VSCO with a6 presetLast night Taylor and I celebrated our 1st anniversary, but rather than going for dinner like every other night or sitting in an overcrowded Covent Garden bar; we set on doing something different. Now my favorite old school Disney film is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Taylor knows this, so he decided to book the interactive theater experience known as “Alice’s Underground Adventures” in The Vaults.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Despite it being a mission to find and after a thorough bag search, we entered the immersive world of Wonderland. We were rather early for our time slot which was 7:15pm, so we decided to have a few of drinks prior to the show. The cocktail list wasn’t extensive but they were all themed, which obviously made me want to try every single one. I chose a ‘Wild Flower Bed’ I think and Taylor decided on a ‘Hatter’s Cup of Tea’ both gin based, both very strong, both rather interesting to say the least. By the time we had finished the drinks, a booming voice echoed through the bar telling us that it was time to finish our drinks and make our way to the entrance of the theater.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

I won’t describe any of the goings on inside, as I would hate to spoil it for anyone that sees this and decides to go. All I will say is that it was incredible, truly captivating. The themeing is incredible, the actors are so talented and you leave feeling as if the last hour and a half was all a dream. It really is a once in a lifetime experience as it is only on until the end of September; and apparently once it’s gone it’s gone. We ended the night watching the sun set over the London Eye, whilst enjoying dinner and a bottle of wine at Strada. Overall, it was an amazing way to celebrate an amazing year.






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