IMG_5009.JPGThis weekend was Taylor’s cousin Jess’ birthday! Jessie is an extravagant one to say the very least, therefore we needed to do something equally as extravagant. I’d heard of this restaurant in Mayfair called Sexy Fish, Jess’ friend had opened it and apparently raved about it; calling it the place to be. So we booked table and decided to see where the night took us afterwards. Upon entering the venue, we passed through a wall of doormen and were met with blaring 80’s music and a sea of beautiful people (much more put together than myself, with bags that could pay off my student loan…)

Whilst the girls were off taking photos in the toilets, Taylor and I thought we would be gents and get the first round of drinks in; opting for the obligatory pre-dinner cocktail called The Son of Gibraltar. £54 later, yes.. £54 later – four drinks arrived. We were shown to our table, which was actually in a really good place right by the windows but facing in, so we were able to see the entire restaurant. As soon as we had sat down, we ordered a round of passion-fruit martinis and a bottle of wine and got started on perusing the menu.

To start Emily and I shared a sashimi platter and crispy salt & pepper squid, Jess had the salmon carpaccioSJOW0696.jpg and Taylor decided on the beef carpaccio. For entrées I chose the Smoked Ora King Salmon with tender stem broccoli and Kimchi Fried Rice with prawns, Emily had the Grilled Tuna with Spicy Noodles, Taylor had the BBQ Ribs and Jess went for the King Crab with Bone Marrow Truffle. We finished the night with Espresso Martinis and Jess’ birthday dessert! The food was faultless, our waitress was lovely and the atmosphere was electric.

What a beautiful evening, with just as beautiful people.


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