After a brief hiatus of around just over a month, I come to you sat on my bed with Netflix on in the background; racking my brain as to why I have been gone for so long? Life has in fact not been going at a million miles per hour, it has actually been crawling along at a pace that would rival paint drying. I’ve now finished the internship, which was actually an invaluable 4 months of experience that I will probably owe any future success to. I have also been informed that I managed to secure another internship scheme that will start in late August, so that is another positive!

Processed with VSCO with a9 presetIn other news, I have also booked a couple holidays including Dubai, Prague and the Isle of White (I know, how glam is my life). Thailand is also looking like a possibility as Taylor’s brother and best friend are off on a Christmas adventure over there; and I may force myself upon their plans!


I feel like I need to add something to this post to make it a little more interesting rather than just a boring update. So, I found some photos from a trip I took to the Silent Lakes in Surrey a few weeks ago for you to enjoy. Hopefully I won’t be gone for so long this time and I’ll be back with a few more interesting things to talk about.


Olly x



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